Eugene Costello

Freelance journalist and writer

Hello. I am a freelance journalist and writer based in east London. I have written for many national newspapers and magazines. If you're looking for a commercial writer, I have worked with many agencies and brands. And if you want to read about what clients and editors think of my work, take a look under 'Testimonials' in the top menu.
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I have written for many newspapers and magazines, including The Guardian, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard, Sunday World, Debonair, Halcyon, La Femme, Maxim, FHM and lots of others. You can see samples of my work here...

Commercial Writing

I have carried out many commercial assignments for companies and agencies. I specialise in tone-of-voice work, profiles of, and interviews with, senior executives, company profiles, case studies and web content. I am house-trained and won't wee in the pot plants at meetings with clients...


I have had two books published, sadly, neither netting me enough to live on an island fanning myself with a banana leaf while lying in a hammock contemplating the deep blue yonder. Well, not for more than a few days. Must dig out that Great Unfinished Novel sometime...

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I'll pretty much write about anything. So long as it is legal and ethical. (If it isn't, we'd need to discuss that over a pint...)
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Journalist, dad, Londoner, traveller, epicure and gadfly. Views my own.
Unless they are libellous. In which case, they are Katie Hopkins's.


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Out With The Old: A Nocturnal Upon St Lucie's Day

No one will judge me censoriously, I think, if I say that it has been an annus horribilis this year. In many ways, it continues to be for a whole slew of reasons, many of which I prefer not to discuss right now but a near-death experience for me and the dreadful loss of my beautiful younger brother, Derm, just 48 when first struck down were chief among them...

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The petulant blockade, relaxed by Obama but reinstated by President Trump is really hitting the Cuban people, with prices for even basic products exorbitant because of the cost of getting them into the country. Thanks to Virgin Atlantic you can help make a difference...

The Gift of Mental Illness

"Be greeted psychoneurotics! For you see sensitivity in the insensitivity of the world, uncertainty among the world’s certainties..."