A Big (Eight) Hand(s) for Octopus

A Big (Eight) Hand(s) for Octopus

Yesterday, I sent an email to Octopus Energy, my supplier. I have been doing some work on smart meters to run in the Mirror and the Express, and the more I wrote about smart meters, the more it seemed prudent and responsible to sign up for one. The subject heading was 'Smart Meters' and this is what I said...


First, a friend signed up for Octopus through me but I am not sure I received the £50 credit I was promised.

Can you check?

Second, do you offer smart meters?

And third. uswitch.com is telling me that I can get a better deal but I don't particularly wish to change. How can I be sure I am on the best deal with you?

Thanks and regards,


This morning, this reply was waiting for me in my inbox. It was from the charming (I've never met her but I expect she is) Kelly at Octopus. Here's what she said:

Morning Eugene.

Thanks for your message. 

I can see we have a referral on the system for your friend Maria which was paid to both of you on the 09/10/2018. :)

Good to hear that you are interested in smart meters. We're currently installing current gen smart meters (SMETS1) for customers with a broken meter, or those that live in areas where we have installation coverage. These meters are miles ahead of the standard ones, although an improved version is due out in 2019 called SMETS2.

We're planning to roll out SMETS2 meters to all of our customers, as these newer meters should - in theory - be compatible with all suppliers. This means you won't lose any smart functionality when you switch energy companies, as can happen with current SMETS1 meters.

We recommend waiting for the newer models if you can, but if you're keen to proceed, you can arrange for a free smart meter, in your online account, here: https://octopus.energy/dashboard/accounts/A-C31E1EDF/properties/10329/smart-meters/

You can also read more about smart meters on our blog, or you might like to read about our groundbreaking new tariff Agile Octopus!

I can see that you are moving over to our Loyal Octopus tariff on the 11th December. Although energy prices have risen, this is currently a very competitive tariff and only being offered to select customers. 

We understand that we're not always the cheapest supplier in the market but we always aim to be good value in the long term and look after our customers.

Some companies increase their rates at the end of the fixed term by 30% - 50%, where as we always keep our variable and fixed tariffs within a few pounds of each other.  The team has written a great blog on this topic which you can find here .

We don't have any exit fees on any tariff, so you are always free to leave if you find a cheaper deal but do be wary of fixed deals with exit fees as you may find you end up paying more. If you still decide to leave us then we'll make sure that you switch to your other supplier goes smoothly.

I hope that helps!

Kind regards,


To take such time to write a personal response to a customer shows dedication and commitment, and I would like to nominate Kelly for a customer service gong. If you know of one that I can enter her for, please let me know...