Home Thoughts From A Fraud: The Tide is Turning

Home Thoughts From A Fraud: The Tide is Turning

A great day amid the lockdown. While in Zombieland, they are now making people queue around the block to get into Mercadona, my life has turned around dramatically.

First, I – incredibly – managed to flag down a taxi to go to my cleaner's out near the airport. The driver is called Iban – and there's a funny story about that – and speaks fluent English, with a great grasp of politics. He took a wrong turn and immediately turned off the meter, saying "You will not pay for my mistakes". London taxis, please take note.

We exchanged numbers and he has agreed to be my personal driver and will drive off the meter till he picks me up wherever I am to keep the price down.

Next, my mad Colombian cleaner and her five-year-old son have shown me so much love (he has given me his Superman watch, what an honour!)

She is cooking a Colombian meat soup for me right now but more importantly, when I explained that I can't get wifi because I don't yet have papers or a Spanish bank account, she said, "Tontin, voy a arreglarlo."

She spoke to my friend who organises wifi and has sent him photocopies of her bank account book and her papers so that she can put the account at my flat in her name and I will pay the standing order each month!

Such love and sense of community here.