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Some of my favourite pieces have been when I have been writing about society issues. The fabulous twins I met who had survived beyond the odds and far beyond their life expectancy. The forensic psychiatrist who is arguably the UK's leading authority on stalking. Joining a plane that had been converted into a flying eye hospital when it touched down in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Life is a rich tapestry, as REM (sort of) observed. It's the myriad human stories, our little lives, that provide the timbre and the colour...    

Locals fight to save Coldplay’s favourite pub

Ring O'Bells in Compton Martin stands up to bullying corporate brewery owners

Digital Nomads – o mejor dicho, Inmigrantes Digitales

For once, not *by* me but *about* me! A feature about the new wave of digital nomads choosing Valencia

Brexpats in Bewilderment

After the chaos of a cliff-edge Brexit, what will happen to the 785,00 Brits living in the EU – and what will happen to future emigrants?


Flying around the world, these volunteers bring hope to people in danger of losing their eyesight

Ana de Armas – The Curious Tale Of The Cuban Background Of The Next Bond Girl

Ana de Armas tells us repeatedly – via Instagram – of her love of Cuba. We went to find out a little more... and all was not what it seemed

The crippling guilt of cheating death... then losing your sibling

Two days after Eugene Costello had a massive heart attack, his adored brother did too. Their very different fates led to shattering turmoil and a family almost torn apart


Eugene Costello talks to leading psychiatrist Dr Frank Farnham, who works with some of Britain’s most deluded criminals.

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman made her name as a maths expert, but found it harder to balance the career/family equation. The Loose Woman and self-confessed workaholic tells Eugene Costello how she figured it out.


The doctors said they’d be dead by the age of five, but mutual support has turned Christine and Michelle into long-living record-breakers...

The Timbuk Two

The end of a 31-day odyssey driving a truck from Walthamstow, London, to Bamako, Mali

Sunday Times – Loan feature

The loan was my lifeline — then it dragged me down

Hilary Jones

Breakfast TV’s favourite medic shares his views on the Benenden Hospital redevelopment and the changing face of healthcare.

Take a look inside

Benenden Hospital, located in the beautiful Weald of Kent, has just undergone a £55 million redevelopment. So what’s new? Eugene Costello went to find out

Decaying Cities

How decaying cities, fear of crime and astronomical prices are leading the world’s elite to invest in remote sanctuaries.

Benhealth - Jason Flemyng

Jason Flemyng, 46, is a successful English actor and star of Hollywood hits such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He and his wife, actress Elly Fairman, live in south London with their one-year-old twins.

Miles Leonard

Can the music industry be saved? Miles Leonard, chairman of Parlophone Records UK and Warner Bros Records UK, makes the case for a digital future...


A Vertu phone is the height of luxury, being handcrafted from only the finest and most expensive parts...

Global Property

Whitehall has traditionally been the location of the heart of government in London, with very little residential inventory

Bricks & Mortar

Children play at being king of the castle — but those who are serious about making it a reality should look to France where good supply means reasonable prices...

Halcyon - Bespoke Furniture

Top furniture designers are capable of producing pieces to meet almost any specification imaginable

Halcyon - Hampus

Swedish entrepreneur Hampus Jakobsson made his name in the mobile phone business, now he’s looking to help others make their ideas fly